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The Art of Monsters - 34 - Really Bad Move
The Art of Monsters

Comic 35 - 34 - Really Bad Move

31st Jul 2015, 4:59 PM in Mind
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34 - Really Bad Move
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Author Notes:

31st Jul 2015, 4:59 PM
You know, someone once said I didn't understand horror - that I couldn't write it very well. In any future discussions on the topic, I think this is going to be my Exhibit A.

I've had a great review over at Pretty Cool Webcomics]. I think the synopsis on there is much better than any I could write myself!

In answer to a question I'm getting asked lately, I would LOVE to get this comic printed and available to buy when its finished. I think it might be a a few months yet since there are some panels I'd like to redo and I've got a lot of big changes going on in the real world that would make it hard to organise. Watch this space!


31st Jul 2015, 5:35 PM
This is so sad TTnTT

I really feel sorry for both of them... The master for obvious reasons and poor Hui... She just didn't understand.
31st Jul 2015, 5:43 PM

Dangit. ;~;
31st Jul 2015, 5:46 PM
Egads.....Did she just... do what I think she just did??
Aw gee this is so tragic!!! beautifully written and illustrated but WOW! Tragic T__T
31st Jul 2015, 6:02 PM
Oh no. D:

Oh god, my heart. (and his brain) But for real this is actually heartbreaking. ;_;
31st Jul 2015, 6:20 PM
Oh no. This is definitely not a good sign.
31st Jul 2015, 6:48 PM
IIIII'm guessing that's not reversible. o_0

You know what they say about good intentions. Seems especially true here.

You've created a very sympathetic character in Hui. And this is sad about the Master. Well depicted.
1st Aug 2015, 10:55 AM
I fear the answer is no.. D:

What's a "monster" anyway? Most typically, it's something bad someone else is.. ;)