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The Art of Monsters


 About the Comic

The Art of Monsters is a comic set in Tang Dynasty China, about the relationship with two introverts trying to share one mountain: a man-eating monster and a sickly scholar.

You could also call it  "why you couldn't teach sculpture to supernatural beings."

About the Artist

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How do you make these pages? Are they traditional or digital?

They're a little bit of both! The drawing and inking is done digitally in PaintTool Sai. The colouring is a mixture of digital painting, and scans of watercolour/ink textures that I make specially. I hope that gives it the flavour of a Chinese watercolour.

When and where is the comic set?

It's set *roughly* in at the beginning of the 7th century AD, in Tang dynasty China. I say roughly because it is in a universe similar to the one of Chinese folk religion where there is a heavenly bureaucracy and all kinds of weird and wonderful things can happen, and because... well, looking to this comic for an entirely historically accurate projection of Asia and Europe in 600AD is like turning to Asterix for a balanced view of the Roman Empire. Saying that, I'm an archaeologist and I've absolutely loved looking up what was where when. If you check my artist's comments I'll often explain what's accurate and what's not. Or just ask!

Is that merchant with the cart a guy?

Nope, Amynta is a woman - but a fairly androgynous one who can probably dress up as a man pretty easily. The tunic she's wearing at the beginning of the story is in a style that suggests she's pinched it off a bloke. I know some people might say that a woman travelling by herself across the world and being an accomplished sculptor in this time period is unbelievable, but this comic has monsters , gods and magic in it... if your suspension of disbelief goes that far, I think it'll stretch to Amynta getting up to her antics!